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Itsaskorda borns in Berriatua

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Our history

Itsaskorda was born in the 80s in the harbors of Ondarroa and Pasajes where the rope makers provided the bottom trawlers. Actually, this little family business that started selling ropes in two local harbors has expanded its distribution network to more than 26 countries on 5 continents.

In Itsaskorda we have always bet to expand our horizons and find new markets and sectors in which we could get in. Some years ago we entered into the playground sector, agriculture and stockbreeding sectors, and industry. Above all, we have managed to become one of the leader manufacturers in the aquaculture industry, thanks to our revolutionary and innovative products in the sector, and to the wide range of products that we have develop these last years.

Photo: Ondarroa’s harbour

During the last decade, we have made big progress in various sectors, but especially in the fishing sector, in which we are professionals. This improvement process has been due to our big investment in specialized machinery, new production facilities, R+D collaborating with technological and research centers, and in training. As a result of this, Itsaskorda has improved both internally and externally, in quality, logistics and production.

We are very proud of the satisfactory path that has follow our company, but this would not be possible without the support and confidence of our clients, that have support us with their fidelity and commitment.

Our commitment

Involved in the environment where we have been born, we support different sport activities of our area.

Photo: “Ondarru-Txiki” 1975

Photo: “Antiguako ama” 2016

Photo: “Antiguako ama” 2016