This type of combination semi-wired rope is designed to fulfil a specific function of the bottom trawl fishing.

The construction of the “Malleta”, with fibre covering the wire rope strand, means that when the product is working, the fibre component is in contact with the seabed, keeping the wire rope strand inside without waste. The contact of the fibre component with the seabed transforms it in to a compact and gliding cape, resting all its weight in a bigger area.

Because of its fibre component, the “Malleta” is a product with lower density than other products (steel wire rope, 6 str. combination IWRC…). This means that it keeps the same weight but in a bigger diameter. This is the reason why it features better sliding over the seabed and its irregularities, not penetrating into it. This characteristic of the “Malleta” produces a kind of sand curtain in both sides of the trawl when the ship is towing the trawl.

ITSASKORDA provides 3 different “Malleta”, depending on the zone and characteristics of the seabed where it will be used:


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Document explaining the features and instructions for use of malletas.