Braided rope manufactured with high tenacity polyester and an inside of several lead rosaries, that provide high density and low diameter to the lead line.  Due to this construction, this rope has a great power of sinking, and thanks to its braided double cover of high tenacity polyester, it owns an excellent abrasion resistance.

This rope is used to sink the net on the purse seining,  replacing the chain or the external lead rings. One of its advantages is that it provides a great facility on its  handling, because it avoids hitches on the rig, not as the chain or the lead rings.


Core material: lead
Cover material: 2 layers of polyester (HT)
Construction: double braided
Optional: eyes at both ends

• Without buoyancy
• Excellent abrasion resistance
• Excellent flexibility
• Easy handling
• Neutral lay (no turns)
• Excellent diameter-weight ratio
• Excellent sinking

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