25 years ago we were lucky to see how Itsaskorda was born. We would like to share our enthusiasm with all of you, because this would not be possible without the loyalty of our clientes and the support of our suppliers.

In the early 90s, Itsaskorda was a small company that supplied combination ropes to bottom trawlers on the harbors of Ondarroa and Pasajes. Over these years, we have evolved and adapted our offer to the requirements of the market. Thus, we have been able to expand our product portfolio in a way that we could never have imagined before. In this way, starting from the fishing industry, we have managed to penetrate into very different markets, in which we could have use or know-how, like as the agriculture industry, mussel farming, stockbreeding, industry and leisure.

Our tireless commitment to innovate along with the great creativity of our team has paid off. So we are proud of being the designers and developers of revolutionary products and designs.

Thanks to the suggestions of our clientes and our effort to improve year after year, we can say that we have achieved our dream of being one of the leading rope making companies.

Thank you all. We look forward to continue working together for a long time.